5 Instagram tips and tricks


We bring the 5 cool Instagram tips and tricks that you all should definitely know in 2021.

Tip # 1 – Create a business profile

One of the tips for Instagram is that companies should set up a business profile directly. This is done in just a few steps. Simply open the setting and select the sub-item “Convert to business profile”. Then link it to the appropriate Facebook account and fill in the missing information.

Switching to a business profile has several advantages. On the one hand, the contact button will appear on your own page. On the other hand, various statistics on one’s own contributions can be viewed after the changeover. In addition, with a business profile, you have the option of placing ads via Facebook’s Business Manager.

An advantage that you should use in any case – if you want to have more success with your ads!

Tip # 2 – The core of Instagram tips – post content regularly

In order for the number of own subscribers to grow steadily, new content should be published regularly. This is not only important for your own followers, but above all for Instagram’s in-house algorithm.

This initially only shows new posts to a certain percentage of its own followers and then analyzes the post for its popularity and various other factors. Based on this analysis, your post will then be shown to more or fewer followers. Watch Instagram stories of your competitors anonymously with

One post per day is definitely sufficient depending on your target group. But 2-3 posts per week can definitely be useful. This is about understanding your own target group. Also about finding the golden mean between quality and quantity.

Tip # 3 – Post quality posts

Your own content should not only be published regularly, but with a correspondingly high quality. Instagram lives from the quality of the posts. As users, we now expect this from the contributions anyway.

The easiest way to increase the quality of your posts is to improve the resolution of your own images. As a company in particular, you should avoid blurry, far too dark and out of context images. You don’t speak the “language” of the platform.

When editing, you should also pay attention to a consistent style. This should fit your own company. For the processing itself, apps or programs from third-party providers are not necessarily required. The editing functions of Instagram and the integrated filters are in many cases sufficient.

Tip # 4 – Choose the right format for your own posts

For a long time it was only possible to post square pictures on Instagram. All image formats are now possible from landscape to portrait. In general, there are no rules for what type of post you should choose which format.

However, portraits, i.e. pictures in 4: 5 format, are displayed the largest in the feed. This makes them most noticeable and visible to your followers for longer when they scroll through their feed.

Our Instagram tip therefore: you should always try to work with the 4:5 format. The appropriate pixel dimensions for this are 1080 x 1350 pixels.

Tip # 5 – Give context to the content

Sometimes a picture – or a video – says no more than “1,000 words”. One of the more important Instagram tips is therefore to always put your own posts in the appropriate “context”. This is the only way to ensure that users understand the “message” behind the respective image.

Companies with less spectacular products and daily routines often have a hard time with this point. Here you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to add texts and hashtags to your posts. Because an image alone, the intention of which is not understood at first glance, has to be put in context for the user!

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