Attack on Smart Homes – Tips to Safeguard Your Home from Hackers


Due to growing crimes in society, more and more homeowners are installing home security systems. However, there have been reports in several cases where hackers are attacking smart homes.

Here, we will know all about the right way to protect your home.

What type of smart home products is prone to attacks?

Smart devices are basically networked computers that include refrigerators, televisions, light bulbs, dog feeders, cat litter boxes, garage door openers, cameras, wireless doorbells, smart sprinklers, door locks, smart bulbs, security cameras, smart switches, smart thermostats, personal home assistants, baby monitors, and more.

Most of these devices collect information from embedded sensors. By exploiting IoT device vulnerability, they get success in gaining access to your home network. In short, connected appliances are prone to get hacked just like a computer, or a website.

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Tips to protect your smart devices from getting hacked

Create a safe Wi-Fi network

Create a 2nd Wi-Fi network for your smart home devices. Use multiple routers to form multiple networks with their distinctive name and password. This will help you keep attacker segregated from the place where you store critical information, and perform banking tasks.

Choose passwords wisely

Use strong passwords as they are the first line of defense for protecting high-tech devices in your home. Keep changing the backdoor password on a regular basis. Always change the default password immediately upon receiving the new device.

Register new devices with their manufacturer and keep them updated

Keep your device registered with the manufacturing company, and ensure that it is updated with the latest security releases and updates. This will help in addressing and eliminating any newfound security concerns, and bugs in your system.

Consider professional installation

Use services of reputed home security providers to perform a professional installation of smart home integration systems.

Unplug devices when not in use

Make sure you unplug any appliances such as security cameras, the thermostat, smart speakers, video doorbells, vacuums, etc. when you are not using them. This will reduce utility bills, and make them unreachable to hackers. You’ll probably want to leave important appliances like the

Factory reset your devices before you sell them or throw them

Before you sell or throw your smart electronics, factory reset them by following the manufacturer’s instructions.


These are some of the effective ways to deter hackers to access, and harm your smart home security gadgets and prevent crime in your home and surroundings.

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