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If you have good backlinks, you are more likely to rank high in Google. With link building you try to get backlinks so that you can get higher in Google. Still, that’s not the only reason for link building, as it also has to do with awareness and branding. 

Before you start link building, you must have content that is link worthy. I mean by this to say that you do have a website with content that someone would like to link to. 

In addition, you do not have to spend hundreds of euros per year on link building tools such as Ahrefs or Moz. In many cases you can also do it for free. 

Link building techniques 

Not only do we say that links are important, but Google also hints at that every time. For example, in their explanation of Link Exchange Programs , they say that links influence your rankings. And in particular about links that pass on Pagerank. It is therefore no secret that Google uses backlinks as a ranking factor with which websites rank higher in search engines. 

However, do not forget that you only do link building to score higher in Google, but also to get more exposure and more visitors, or customers / clients. Other link building tips often do not consider this. You also regularly read that no-follow links have no value for Google. And that is not entirely correct. As you buy backlinks you can have the best deal now.

So there is plenty to think about if you want to start link building. 

Just a small list of what backlinks are good for: 

  • Rankings
  • As a source of visitors
  • Fame (branding)

Finally, we would like to say that it is good that backlinks to different pages on your site point to your homepage. That way, pages receive a lot more credit that these pages can get higher in the search engine.

Guest blogging for other websites

With guest blogging you write a blog that you do not place on your own website but on that of someone else. In the text you can place backlinks that refer to a page on your website. Unfortunately, this takes a bit more time than just asking or buying a link, but it also builds more awareness. 


In many cases, larger websites don’t mind that you write a blog for them, but they do if you do it purely for the backlink. That’s why it’s wise to establish a relationship with the website owners first, and maybe adding a link after a few guest blogs. 

In addition, you often see that guest bloggers receive a special caption. For example, see this marketing facts caption. This often contains the name and sometimes also the company name. Both are a link in this case.


This backlink will not be that valuable to my rankings, because the anchor text is the company name, and uses the homepage URL. Still, these kinds of links do pass on value, plus it ‘connects’ your site to another well-established website in the industry. This is in contrast to bad neighborhood links.


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