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Security is a word that sounds simple when we say it but has a deep meaning and frightening consequences. It is a thing that we all need for something in life. Some may need it to safeguard their places, some may need it to safeguard their money and a lot of other things. Same way, some use security to safeguard their digital assets. Assets, that we cannot touch but is very important for us. Any network of computer that work through internet, face this security issue where it faces some threats called cyber threats. The process by which we try to stop these threats to do any harm to our network or the data stored on it is called cyber security.

Security of data and information is what the world is worried about right now because of the large amount of cyber attacking incidents over the past decade or so. Anything that is happening over the internet can be interrupted and hackers are doing it with the proper tools. Most of the time they do it for money and that is what they do for living. As there has been an increase in cyber attacks, there has been increase in the demand of cloud security engineers to stop them from all this.

What is a Cloud Security Engineer

In an organization there is a need of someone who can take the responsibility of safeguarding digital assets of company. Well, a cloud security engineer is the person who takes this responsibility and fulfills I to the core. He is the one who not only engineers the cloud security system but also keeps in check the maintenance and management of that system. He is not all by himself in this tough task, as he has a cyber security team most of the time that helps him in doing all the tasks related to cloud security.

Job Role and Responsibilities

Being a cloud security engineer is not as easy as it looks. It is a big responsibility on the shoulders because you are the one responsible for the safety of all digital assets of the organization. He is basically the one that engineers cloud security, the security system that will work against all the cyber threats and stop them from harming your data. There are many more things that he to do to complete the tasks he is assigned to. Let us talk about the responsibilities of a cloud security engineer.

Engineering the Security System

A cloud security engineer’s most important task is to engineer the security system as this task was assigned to him when the job was offered and it also is the first step in cyber security. In doing this task there are other multiple steps he needs to go through. He has full support of the cyber security team that he is working with. Steps that he needs to go through to complete the design and implementation of cloud security system are following.

  • Analyzing

First thing that he does when joins the job he gets to know the organization in and out. What is the business they are doing and what are they using cloud services for. What kind of data is there that they are storing over the cloud. What kind of cloud services they are using. It is a basic but most helpful thing in cloud security building as it helps him choose the technique to design the system. There are different techniques for different types of cloud services.

  • Designing

After knowing everything about company’s business and data that he needs to build the system for, he starts the designing procedures. In this designing phase he has to choose the hardware infrastructure and the software platform for the system. It is in this phase that he has to choose everything he wants in the system like storage, processors, firmware etc all are chosen here. His cyber team helps him the most in this phase.

  • Implementation and Installing

When designing process is done they start working on implementation. It is a time consuming process as they need to put everything in the assembled way to make it work as a security system. After implementation they start installing it and get the system ready to run.

  • Testing

Security system is installed and well set, but it is still not ready to start working because now comes the phase where the system will be tested to see if there is something left or everything is done as it was supposed to. By doing this process of testing we find all the vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system if there is any. This process is called penetration testing and there are tests like Targeted testing in which security engineer tries to hack the system in front company’s employees and tells him how a hacker thinks when he tries to hack. External testing in which he tries to test everything related to digital assets of the system. Internal testing, in which he tries to hack into the system as an employee of the company and many more tests like that. Security systems can be evaluated well by this. There are a lot of cloud security fundamentals training courses available that gives you all fundamental key points about how to secure your network.

  • Monitoring

Testing is done, system is up and running and doing what it is installed for. But security engineer’s job is still not done. After everything comes the part of monitoring and in this phase cyber security team is set to monitor the system for any kind of intrusion or if anything suspicious happens. They report to the security engineer if there is something wrong and he is the one who responds immediately to every threat. He also keeps updating the system if he comes to know about any new threats. OWASP threats fundamentals is a very good certification course that gives you a lot of great knowledge about how to handle these cyber threats.

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