Content Strategy Is Essential In Different Forms Of Internet Marketing


Nowadays internet marketing is quite impossible without a properly designed content strategy. Having a content strategy that connected with your content marketing operations is one of the keys to be successful for your local Hong Kong business. Within the Hong Kong based internet marketing strategies of your small business, search engine optimization (SEO) will certainly play a big part when growing visitors and online sales for your small business website, and normally you will need the expertise of a Hong Kong SEO expert to lead your overall content strategy and SEO projects.

Even the content strategy is simply a strategy in theory, it will have each individual project item and the timeline/deadline of each item. In the plan, it will include all the individual persons who are to involve in the projects, whether the persons are permanent staffs who are already working for your HK business, or they are freelancers who are still to be found and hired for certain nature of work, and may be located outside of Hong Kong.

Furthermore, in a complete internet marketing strategy for the Hong Kong market, the content strategy for your small business would span across multiple channels including the following. For paid search (i.e. pay per click) advertising to work, there must be content behind it. Before any social media marketing post can be published on the different social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc), your content strategy has to follow through for the production of the actual content. A successful PR (i.e. public release) campaign to work, the content (i.e. usually articles) would have to cater for the perspectives of the readers, but not the point of views of your business.

When planning a content marketing schedule or timetable, the following questions would be asked. How many pieces of short and long content (i.e. articles) are required in each month?What are the timelines of each stage of your website SEO content publishing? Which piece of content is for which social platform, or paid search campaign, or PR campaign, etc? What are the frequencies when publishing to each online platform? What are the common methods when repurposing a piece of content? How does it vary among different online platforms?

Lastly, the next important aspect is to monitor the user behavior and the performance. The user behavior involves how your users are interacting with your website, whether it is the main call-to-action (CTA) button, or the newsletter subscription form. The performance is e results of your overall internet marketing operations. It may be the number of potential leads or online sales you have acquired through your website per traffic channel. One of the free web analytics tools to capture such data is Google Analytics (GA). Google Analytics can always be quickly installed and activated on your website which targets mainly the Hong Kong local audience.

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