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The point and shoot camera is another form of camera used in photography. It has always competed with the DSLR camera. The point and shoot camera were done to carry out similar photography tasks. In this article, we shall look at the various features of the point and shoot camera so we can understand how the camera works and how to capture amazing shots with them before editing the photo with free lightroom alternatives

Features of a Point-and-Shoot Camera

  • Megapixel Count

The increase in megapixel does not decide better image quality. Sensors play a vital role in determining the quality of a photo, especially in low-light. Consider using a point-and-shoot camera with a larger image sensor if you want to use it in capturing images in places with low-lights. However, if you want one who consumes Perfectly, choose one with a smaller sensor.

  • Zoom

P&S cameras have two types of zoom modes, digital zoom and optical zoom. In the digital zoom, you are entitled to a longer-range but a reduced image quality. Optical zoom can produce an image with better quality even though it adds bulk to the camera. Some cameras come with optical zoom and an added digital zoom.

  • Viewfinders

The point and shoot camera are not equipped with a viewfinder, and rather it has an LCD screen that can help you arrange a shot. You enjoy a better view with a larger LCD screen. Nevertheless, some high-quality point-and-shoot cameras have optical viewfinders.

LCD Screen

  • When it comes to selecting a point and shoot camera, the quality of your LCD screen is quite essential. The larger screen will give you a more accurate preview of the picture. High-quality LCD screens provide right color image and visibility in bright lights
  • Anti-shake

This is an important feature that can be used when capturing images in low light. The camera has image stabilization, which helps prevent shaky and blurry images. The point and shoot camera has been equipped with optical image stabilization. You can get more information here

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