Key Details You’ll have to Remember for almost any Stress-Free Laptop SODIMM Upgrade!


Once your laptop loses oomph, it’s frequently this is because low system memory. You’ve likely heard that modern laptop memory upgrades come utilizing a laptop SODIMM, but just precisely what are they, and possibly most significantly, how does one purchase the one suitable for laptops? In order to save you confusion, let us assess the vital aspects you need to know before clicking an order button!

What exactly is a laptop SODIMM?

A laptop SODIMM may be the shorthand term for laptop Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module. A considerable mouthful right think? Fortunately, a SODIMM is extremely small , may be the name given to the PCB (Pcb) which modern laptop memory is supplied.

Consequently, when you stumble across a laptop memory upgrade, it will likely be referred to as a laptop SODIMM of some sort. Can this mean all laptop SODIMM’s resemble? Regrettably not, but luck has it it’s easier because it sounds.

Laptop SODIMM’s differ based on what type of memory they have. Older SDRAM SODIMM’s for instance are 144pin, slightly newer DDR and DDR2 SODIMM’s are 200pin since the presently latest DDR3 SODIMM’s are 204pin. Their physical dimensions also vary however a little.

The primary key to keep in mind is the fact laptop SODIMM’s of numerous types can’t be mixed together within the same laptop. For instance, in situation your laptop uses DDR3 memory plus there is no use attempting to employ a DDR2 SODIMM inside. It is not only the amount of pins that fluctuate nevertheless the pin layout, operating current, timings and addressing etc.

Can this mean upgrading could be a burden that’s better left to professionals? Certainly not!

Laptop SODIMM compatibility

While you won’t ever combine SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 SODIMM’s (any combination) together it’s frequently okay to combine exactly the same kinds of SODIMM’s together, setup type of memory differs. Let us put this into perspective.

For instance, for individuals who’ve a DDR2 laptop that shipped getting only one DDR2 SODIMM. Its capacity is really irrelevant but let us assumes its 2GB. At this point you want to upgrade to 4GB nonetheless the DDR2 laptop memory upgrade you bought comes from the various brand in comparison with one presently installed (i.e. Samsung Versus Hynix). Will the task? In 99% of cases yes! The factor is, the business is fantastic for greater degree a non-issue, what’s relevant however is the fact both modules are DDR2 thus continue with the DDR2 SODIMM specs.

Setup memory timings differ relating to the modules this really is appropriate (unless of course obviously clearly you’ll need every ounce of performance you are getting). The only real aspect settled to when choosing may be the memory speed. For instance, when current 2GB RAM originates from the PC2-5300 (667MHz effective) variety, you need to be sure that your brand-new DDR2 laptop SODIMM is an additional minimal PC2-5300, otherwise the memory controller within your laptop will have to run both SODIMM’s inside the speed within the lesser (i.e. slower) SODIMM. To extrapolate this, PC2-5300 and PC2-6400 DDR SODIMM modules in collaboration with although at 667MHz instead of 800MHz (effective).

Why will mixing different brands of laptop SODIMM’s only are employed in 99% of cases. Rapid truth is incompatibility. The extended truth is the following, some lesser brands of laptop memory don’t always 100% continue with the JDEC (the organisation what devises memory specifications) specs, at other occasions BIOS’s (Fundamental Input Out System) found in laptops aren’t without bugs. The net result’s a laptop which will continuously beep when began up while displaying a black screen.

What is the method of upgrade without potentially facing such problems and diminishing performance? There’s little 100% promise avoid laptop SODIMM incompatibility issues, inside the finish it’s you who clicks an order button, however as extended whenever you stick to some key recommendations you have to are nearly certain you will be smiling very quickly whatsoever.

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