Protecting Your Workplace With High-End Security System


High-end security equipment seems unnecessary at first glance. The fact that there are much more affordable low to mid-tier security systems makes it only a 2nd option. However, once you get to know and witness first-hand multiple threats that business often deals with regularly, it becomes a necessary investment.

If you haven’t thought about putting serious investment in a high-end security system in Singapore, primarily if your business is growing and expanding, then you are risking its security.

When businesses often undergo growth and expansion, their requirement proportionally increases. Therefore, a firm’s security need is also relative to its expansion rate. Say, if your enterprise needs to upgrade its infrastructure to accommodate larger operations, adding a biometric door access system becomes more feasible for areas that require authorisation and to avoid forced break-ins as an example. For every business, a good security system is needed, and high-end ones can grant you a far more reliable solution by:

  • Higher crime deterrence before it can occur
  • Round-the-clock protection for employees/staff members
  • Prevents damages and accidents
  • Enhance protection against internal workplace threats

How Your Business Can Improve Its Security

If your business is experiencing growth and expansion, it is at high risk for burglaries and intrusion due to the high-value assets that are stored within your enterprise. Burglary can impact your business greatly if kept unchecked, internal threats and damages can significantly reduce the assets and value in addition to the injuries it can induce to your staff. These factors further lead to a negative atmosphere and distrust of employees in the working environment.

Businesses can hardly stay afloat without investing in a security system in Singapore. It is the responsibility of management to make it a priority to ensure the protection of goods and employees at hand. Here’s how you can further improve your business security:

Fit your business with CCTV systems

CCTV has seen a vast improvement over the recent years with better resolution, added features like face detection makes it a potent front device against suspicious activities. CCTVs are highly functional even in public and private places – from workplace to household use. Purchasing a CCTV system in Singapore has never been much easier and faster today, and it can now even use smartphones for monitoring.

You can easily install a CCTV system in almost any entry and exit point, which will easily deter any criminal activities from ever occurring.

Incorporate high-end security doors and locking system

You can easily browse online, and you’ll find the most suitable door access system in Singapore and other locking devices. Most burglaries and force break-ins use blunt force and other handy tools to gain access. Adding high-end security/access doors ensures that any attempt to force entry will be stopped and deterred. It only grants access to permitted and reliable individuals.

Having a security/access door system also gives a strong impression that your workplace is well-secured.

Invest in security lights

Low-lit areas are often vulnerable spots for intrusion and burglar activities. Investing and incorporating security lights in low lit areas further heightens security. It ensures there are no vulnerable spots and offers safety for your employees when navigating inside the workplace.

Have an alarm system installed

Alarm systems are more sophisticated and well-designed nowadays in contrast to previous decade-year-old models. A vendor of a security system in Singapore can offer you a top-designed alarm system that can be easily installed and set up.

An excellent alarm system lets you and your employees know if there are attempts for forced entry and provides notification for police as well. It can be operated 24/7 for nonstop and continuous coverage for workplace establishments.


Risk assessment

Aside from purchasing a high-end security system in Singapore, risk assessment is perhaps the most crucial step in planning for improving your workplace security. Your business establishment becomes much less a target for any criminal activities and forms of burglaries when you finally determine the weak points and areas that are highly vulnerable. Risk assessment is about determining weak points and finding what measures and steps you can take to ensure that your workplace is free from both internal and external risks.

Risk assessment also further lets you have an informed employee by implementing a training program on safety and security. It helps your employees/staff know about dealing with difficult situations where safety and security are concerned.


The Merit of Having A High-End Security System

High-end security systems are more than just a luxury and exhibition of the latest sophisticated technology and perhaps a hyperbole in establishment protection. Most of today’s high-end security systems in Singapore are often labelled as ‘smart’ devices for security.

Smart security devices mean that they are connected to a network or the Internet. It enhances control and convenience on the user’s part while retaining and maximising protection. High-end security systems are a huge step forward in delivering tomorrow’s solution for the unending cycle of business security and safety threats with just a few touches away from your smartphone devices. It can:

  • Save more money and resources against potential damages
  • Improves employee efficiency
  • Grants confidence for both staff and client to the establishment
  • Lowers insurance premiums significantly


While a high-end security system in Singapore remains an option, for bigger businesses, it is mandatory. Nevertheless, if a business can afford to invest in one, the notion that it can guarantee the safety of your assets and employees is well worth the cash. You’ll be paying compared to the price of paying an injured employee, damaged goods and assets.

If you are looking for CCTV equipment, door access, or a time attendance system in Singapore, Valsys Technologies provides a highly designed and sophisticated security system for every commercial establishment!

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