Retain Valuable Customers with a Good Accessibility Overlay Tool


Accessibility overlays are indispensable for your site, but they are beneficial for increasing your business profits. If you wish to track the progress of your website, you will embrace the Google Webmaster Tools for the task and activate the Fetch as Google feature for Google to crawl your site, as per their guidelines, to make sure there are no major issues.

How does the right accessibility overlay add value to your business?

Google runs a bot through the site to ensure it is indexed. However, you wish them to see how your site appears on the real browser. When you install an accessibility overlay, you help users with disabilities to navigate the site so that they can enjoy your products and services.

If you allow them to view the site with the Fetch and Render feature, it will not show what you think users see on the page. It might look different, especially if a blind user needs to resort to a screen reader or if the images on the site are turned off. Here, there will be no color contrasts that make it hard for you to view the text, and what one perceives as vibrant and colorful might be different for someone with color blindness. Even those with a 20/20 vision might not wish to strain the eye for reading a line of the text that is smaller than they would have normally expected.

Accessibility issues and the impact on your site

Fetch as Google must also be left on for a business site, especially when you are tracking the analytics of the site on Google Analytics through their code on every webpage of the site. In case the site is not accessible, it will influence the statistics, even if someone does not contact you about the above. Webmaster tools give you alerts when there is a problem with crawling or indexing any part of the site.

When you use a screen reader, several users automatically bookmark the site and create a shortcut for simple access. This means that if the user cannot find what they are looking for and does not find it, he/she will not return back.

Get found easily on search engines

For small to medium-sized organizations, especially those companies that care about being found on search engines, a website that is inaccessible faces a lot of problems when it comes to traffic and sales. They will not be found, and their search engine ranks will fall, leading them to sink into oblivion while their accessible peers overtake them in the competition.

Users with disabilities cannot access your site’s content as the accessibility overlay advantages of screen readers, keyboard navigation, color contrast preferences, etc., are absent. These websites lose customers and business at the same time.

Installing an accessibility overlay tool is a smart choice for your business if you wish to retain customers, especially users with disabilities who will become repeat and loyal customers of your business over time.

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