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Games have and continue to fascinate people all over the globe. From tender to elderly years, both genders are all captivated by games. Another wonderful aspect of games are it relaxes. Unfortunately, in the present times due to the well-known mad rush in society, people find it hard to involve themselves in games as in the past, due to lack of time.

One main reason for games to be created in smart apps. This innovation has brought great joy to the busy people of the world, as games have now been brought to their hands. Games involving adventure action are most seeked games, the world over. Out of many such games is just one that has been taken notice of and become ever popular. Reventure it is. Take the pleasure of introducing this adventure filled, super exciting game.

About Reventure Game

Reventure, is modelled out of a famous and popular adventure tale that has been in the limelight from long years ago. The beautiful princess is in captivity by Dark Lord in a castle. As per the action of the player the games ending is possible in 100 ways. Wow! Reventure is not all about adventure but has a mix of humour involved too, making it more chilling in play.

Games setting is unique with an open world concept. This allows the player to bring in new abilities and alternate objectives, in addition to the main mission of rescuing the princess. The player can choose the ending out of the 100 different endings from the app’s gallery menu. At each ending, the player will be taken back to the beginning of the game.

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A brief text will appear to connect the ending to the beginning of the next play through. All the play through sequences happen as per a pre set order of what is chosen by the player, thus not creating any complications or problems. This also makes way for easy continuation of the game. On completion of different endings, the character of the player can change with different costumes and accessories. With the apps novel technology will make visual effects look to be real.

Face many resistances put forward by the Dark Lord. He is not going to give easy passage to rescue the princess. Let’s take some happenings as examples. First game Character faces the stiffest challenge. Got to find the path leading to the castle. Many deep pits covered by wild branches need to be avoided. The character finds the castle. However, doesn’t want to risk in entering the castle as he gets too nervy. However, the path to the castle is now unlocked. The second game, different character gets going. Dark Lord strengthens security, and the second character gets spiked. He is all covered in blood, bleeding to death. Now, leave it to you players to end the mission and rescue the princess. Players, adrenaline filled excitement at its best, and guaranteed by this super gamer Reventure App. Chill and bring in that much needed relaxation you deserve.

Download Reventure Apk

Using AC Market app or Happymod app is the best way to download any apk file you want. AC Market and Happymod are Android app stores. You can install this Android app store on any Android phone. First download and install latest version of Happymod apk and use its search feature to download Reventure apk.

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