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Smartphones have become a must-have product for survival and communication in modern society. This advantage makes its market broad. It creates a situation where there are many brand types of products to choose from at the same price level. The aggregation of various factors makes ordinary consumer groups do not know where to start when faced with a wide range of commodities. What basis should be used to select products? This has become a major problem for consumers.

This article summarizes the data in the current market.

  1. Choose 4G or 5G

I believe that consumers must have considered this issue. The 5G era has come. Should I choose a 5G mobile phone or a mature 4G mobile phone? In fact, consumers know that the biggest difference between 4G and 5G mobile phones is the difference in network speed. There is not much difference in other functions. In fact, the 4G network speed is sufficient for daily use. It is not necessary to switch to 5G. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can choose a 5G mobile phone. After all, you can get a better user experience.

  1. Choice on mobile phone series

Many consumers have noticed that most brands divide their products into different series. For example, HUAWEI divides its products into Mate series, P series, nova series, etc. They all correspond to different mobile phone product lines. The targeted consumer groups are different. Consumers should pay attention to the product series they choose when buying smartphones. Like HONOR 10 and HONOR 10 Lite, there are differences between them.

  1. Basic understanding of mobile phone parameter configuration

The parameters of a smartphone are complicated. The purchase parameters are concerned with its running memory, storage size, battery life, etc. And you can make a rough idea. The parameter information of this equipment can be searched on the major data ranking websites. The information on the website is clearer and more detailed. After searching and understanding, you can analyze different products.

Smartphones are not products that can be selected based on their certain advantages. If you want to make a reasonable purchase, you must first do some work to understand. Finally, I hope that after reading this article, you have new considerations and ideas for purchasing smartphones.

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