The ASUS A52F-X3 15.6-Inch Laptop – The Very Best Mid-Ranged Laptop Model


This HD-ready notebook is the greatest mixture of versatility and-class design, offering you the potency of the very best laptop units available on the market for almost any reasonable cost. With scratch-resistant infusion design along with a pile of features that allow multi-tasking at its best, the ASUS A52F-X3 could be a sleek and satisfying notebook.


Clearly, anybody shopping for the greatest laptop or notebook must understand exactly what the choices are together with exactly what the product’s specifications are.

The ASUS A52F-X3 includes:

2.26GHz Apple Core i3-350M processor

320GB hard drive


15.6-inch widescreen HD display

Apple HD graphics

Home windows 7 Home Premium

Personal Media popular

Clearly, individuals searching for the greatest laptop or notebook realize that the choices aren’t everything. You will find style points available, inside the finish, along with the ASUS A52F-X3 has got the during the room.

Because of HDMI connectivity, you can transform the ASUS A52F-X3 in a media hub and check out content within your tv or round the bigger monitor in comparison with generous one already incorporated. Getting only one cord with no mess, you can connect wealthy HD very happy to your High definition tv and stream 1080p audio and video straight to your property entertainment system. It is a snap.

When you’re watching content, you’ll certainly put the ergonomic design and luxury in the notebook from ASUS. Obtaining a sunken-hinge chassis and streamlined design, the A52F-X3 could be a dazzling set piece for virtually any room of your dwelling. While using much power and satisfaction inside, it’s refreshing to understand this is often a notebook which looks the part across the outdoors.

Most ASUS laptops and notebooks have ASUS 360, a unique comprehensive care package having a one-year global warranty along with a 30-day perfect display make certain that makes certain that your screen will most likely be perfect and free from defective vibrant dots within the HD department.

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