Ways to Archive SMS Messages on iPhone


Text messaging has been and will always be the go-to mode of communication for businesses. Many employees in your business may be using iPhones, and it can be difficult to figure out if there is any SMS archiving in its features. With strict regulations keeping an eye on company compliance, you need to find a reliable SMS archiving solution.

How do you collect and store the hundreds of messages your business sends and receives daily? Keep reading to find out.

Take Screenshots

Every iPhone is capable of taking screenshots. To do so, press the home and power buttons simultaneously. For models without a home button, press on home and volume up instead.

While this is the most accessible and easiest method of archiving for you and your employee, screenshots may be a hassle. You will also need sufficient storage space since messages will be saved in the Photos application. Taking screenshots is a good option if your company needs to archive messages as soon as possible.

Use iTunes

For IOS Mojave or older versions, iTunes allows you to create full backups of your iPhone, including SMS messages. To create backups on iTunes, do the following steps:

  • Connect your phone to your computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • In iTunes, select your phone
  • Go to the Summary Tab
  • Choose Backup now on the right pane

To unarchive or confirm the success of your iPhone’s backup, you can navigate to the Library> Application Support >MobileSync> Backup on MacOS, and C:\Users[username]\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup for Windows.

Backup to iCloud

iCloud allows iPhone users to create backups of SMS messages. This is more convenient than taking numerous screenshots or utilizing iTunes, especially for later OS versions. All you need when backing up on iCloud is a strong internet connection and sufficient storage space.

For older versions below iOS 11.4, the process may be slower depending on the number of files.

Save Messages on Notes

iPhones have an application called Notes that allow users to create memos and store texts. To save text messages on Notes, go to messages and hold ona selected message. Click copy, then paste on a new note.

Like taking screenshots, archiving on Notes is accessible but impractical, especially for larger companies.

Partner with a Third-Party

Perhaps your business can archive and safely store text messages by partnering with a reliable third-party solutions provider. They can collect all your messages andput up appropriate security measures and help you understand SMS archiving compliance.

If you are interested in third-party archiving solutions, get in touch with LeapXpert today on their website.

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