What is website development and why is it important?


Web development or website development refers to the work that contributes to the building of a website. This can be applied to anything from the creation of a single webpage to developing a complex web app or network of people. While web development mainly refers to web coding and markup, it consists of all the development-related tasks such as server-side scripting, client-side scripting, ecom development, content development system, and much more.

Why is it important?

For a business owner who wants to develop a website for their business, web development can be highly beneficial. Even if you want to go for a startup business, web development can help you in building a separate identity for your business. Regardless of who you are, web development can be highly helpful in this digitized era for the growth of the business.

The internet is not going anywhere. With time, the craze for the internet and the latest technology has only increased. Everyone makes good use of the internet whether they are from educational background, primary research, entertainment, or any other activity in the world. Website development is a fast-growing industry.  Now let’s understand the basics of website development.

  • What is a website? Websites are files that are stored on servers hosted by computers. The servers help in connecting the giant network called the internet or the World Wide Web. The browsers are the computer programs that help in loading the websites via the internet, such as Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.
  • What is an IP Address? The full form of IP is Internet Protocol. The IP is a set of standards that looks for interaction on the internet. An IP address is required to access the website. It is a unique set of numbers. Each device has a different IP address.
  • What is HTTP? The full form of HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol. The HTTP helps to connect the internet user with their requested website. It is a basic set of rules (a protocol) that tells how messages should be sent on the internet. The HTTP allows the users to jump from website pages and websites. Whenever an internet user types a website into their web browser or searches for something through a search engine, HTTP provides the framework so the server and the computer can connect using the same language.
  • What is coding? Coding refers to writing code for applications and servers using programming languages. They are called languages because they consist of vocabulary and grammar rules for making communication with computers. It also includes commands, special abbreviations, and punctuation that are only read by devices and programs.

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