Why Should You Invest in a Dedicated Server?


In dedicated hosting, an entire physical server is allocated to you. This server is not shared with anyone else and doesn’t host any other website. The dedicated hosting market has more than doubled from 2010 to 2020. This is because growing businesses in India and other countries have increasingly recognised the benefits of an isolated server, dedicated solely to hosting their websites. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a dedicated server:

1.    Better Security

Since the server is physically separated from other servers and does not host any websites other than yours, it offers the highest level of security possible. If your business has expanded and your database contains sensitive user information, then upgrading to a dedicated plan can be extremely beneficial.

If your website is growing, even the smallest downtime can be a major setback. In the face of malware and cyber threats, these servers are rebooted and websites restored, based on the most recent backup. This procedure can take some time, during which the unavailability of your website can cause you to lose visitors. By investing in a dedicated server, you reduce the chances of such an occurrence.

Even the service provider will not interact with your server, unless you require it. Unlike managed WordPress hosting, where the hosting provider has to perform regular WordPress updates, dedicated plans are free from all such interactions.

2.    Highest Level of Control

A dedicated server gives you full root access to use the server as you please. You can install the OS of your choice, run custom scripts, install or delete security measures, according to what fits your need, and use your server for any purpose, such as hosting, storage, etc.

3.    Highest Level of Performance

Since all the resources on the server are allocated to you, the performance of other websites and their traffic does not impact the performance of your site. In addition, it can handle heavy web traffic. Your website will be able to receive resources, as and when needed. If your dedicated server and target audience are both located in India, your visitors will be able to enjoy even faster loading speeds.

Also, as your business and website scale, this type of server will give you plenty of storage to accommodate more webpages, site media and user information.

4.    Ease of Use

While the easiest form is shared hosting, dedicated hosting is surprisingly easy to use and maintain, once the initial installation is done. Unlike VPS, a dedicated server doesn’t have to maintain virtualized partitioning. Virtualization is an extremely technical task and, hence, quite VPS is often available on managed servers.

If any error arises, it is easier to troubleshoot because you have complete access to your server. Maintaining security is also easy because server isolation ensures your system isn’t compromised. This way, you don’t have to stay extra vigilant regarding security.

You can use custom databases to store data, which makes it easy for you to access any information and that too very quickly.

5.    Unique IP Address

Both shared and VPS hosting consist of multiple websites housed on the same physical server. This renders having a unique IP address for any of those websites impossible. In dedicated hosting, this problem is solved, since you can have a unique IP address that corresponds to your physical server.

For growing businesses or those that collect personal and sensitive user information, a dedicated plan could, therefore, be the best option.

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